Do you need what I need?

It seems to me that these days, the to-do list is not only longer, but the items on it take longer to complete and require more work. That to say – I need a vacation. A palm tree kind of vacation I think. Somewhere with a pool, somewhere with good food, and can I do that $500 a week?

I read recently that mental health experts believe that the results of the pandemic will take two years to reveal themselves as we get past the isolation, loss of friends and family and the general divisions which have formed during these times. Two years to see the results of personal trauma, two years to see the results of a divided society. Two years to understand the real costs.

And then add a war in Europe that has the potential to impact fuel and food supplies. And the quiet but terrifying potential of spilling over into other parts of the world.

It is as if we are reliving the days of the late 1930s when peace was shattered for millions of people. I think many of us are exiting this stage of the pandemic wishing to retreat from the world – just for a bit.

time for a vacaation

And so we begin to plan…maybe the end of June! I can hardly wait!

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