Using the left-overs


We’re on a few days off in between work commitments. These are vacation days not taken in 2021. What a two years we’ve had! Missed vacations, missed travel, missed gatherings, and those missed times when we would be able to be away from our obligations to have some freedom from duty.

We’re now enjoying a bit more freedom in our gatherings and travel, but we have been making every effort to continue to be safe. You know – masks, distancing, hand sanitizing, and the taking of temperature where possible.

So we’re using left-over days to have some time with family.

Ottawa is almost back to normal though there are still many trucks cleaning up from the recent storm and the sound of chain saws are in the air. If you had a wood-burning fireplace this would be a time to gather fuel for the fireplace.

We’ve enjoyed the time with the children too.

Ted examing the dandelions

Before we came to Ottawa we stopped by the house in Scarborough that’s been home for 10 years and the bleeding heart is massive now. I don’t remember which year I planted it, maybe 2016 but now it is quite large.

Bleeding heart

Gardening is something that I really enjoy and I am always reminded as winter fades and spring emerges of the power of renewal and rebirth of life. It is a reminder of the spiritual principle of life emerging from death.

There are no days when this truth is not apparent to me.

Do you see this in our families? How one generation makes way for another, how over time the young become the elderly and the youthful energy of our children and grandchildren continue on in life and become our legacy. Investing in our family is, perhaps our greatest joy and challenge.

I thought this even last night as we headed out with the grandkids for ice cream. What a delight to build memories and find joy Ice cream is cheap and it plays into my belief that spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.

Though, who didn’t delight in their grandma or grandpa giving them a $5 bill?

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