Dreaming of a new kitchen

One of the areas of the house which really needs attention is the kitchen. I won’t go into detail, but it is sad. Broken hinges scraped wood, and worst of all someone decided to put varathane on the doors and vanity pieces but clearly didn’t prepare it properly if it can be prepared so that the varathane can be removed with your thumbnail.

You’re talking about doing an Ikea kitchen. So if you’re going to do an Ikea kitchen you need to go to Ikea. Now I use to roll my eyes at Ikea… and say things like “Ikea, Swedish for particle board”. But I have to say their quality has improved immensely and the way they layout their product and help you plan is excellent.

You can sign on to your Ikea account (yes we have one) and use their planning tool. Wendy has become and expert at it. It allows you to measure, swap out, change faces, colours. It really is good. You can view it from floor level or look down on it from above. It gives you a grid so you know measurements and you can even change the wall colours to match what you have.

So we’ve been wandering around Ikea and it’s been a lot of fun.

We rather like the white but I think we’ve decided not JUST white.

This lovely blue with the white tops is very appealing, and while our modest home isn’t this big it has given us some idea of what it might look like.

We can hardly wait to post pictures of what it will look like when done.

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