A road trip? Maybe!

While we were living in Ontario, we often would take to the road southbound and across the Canada-USA border. We’ve visited some really unique places, like Voltan PA. We sort of stumbled across this unique town which once, as many of these places, was the central hub because it had a mill powered by the local river or creek.

North America is really a lovely semblance of small towns and when you find one like this it’s worth stopping and spending time exploring. We thoroughly enjoyed this Pennsylvania town. It was about 10 miles off the interstate.

“let’s go in here”
The Mill

So now that the pandemic is looking like it might be waning or at least enough of the population is vaccinated that we can be cautious but less restricted, we are looking towards another road trip. Right now, we are waiting to see if this province’s plan (not really a plan) will lead to another spike or can we move to the next step of being able to be cautious in travel? You’ll note the word cautious twice – yes we’re being cautious.

So when we were at the book store lately I went to travel section and looked at a couple of books.

We have a plan to head south after our meetings at CFOT in June and hoping by then testing to cross the border will be lifted… but we’ll see.

Here’s the other book.

Here’s a couple of samples…

I was reading about the burial site of Daniel Boone – a boyhood hero lifted from the pages of history by Disney which portrayed him as the humble, talented, good to the heart kind of man. Was he really like that? Not sure but he is a national hero in the USA.

So will we get on the road this year? I sure hope so but only time will tell. In the meantime, we are allowed to do a bit of dreaming!

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