Is the pandemic over

Yes, it’s not entirely a serious question. Of course, it is not. We’re just coming to a place in time where we are seeing a change of approach and a variety of numbers and circumstances that mean the health officials are lifting some recommendations.

That doesn’t mean that the governments we live under are in sync with the health officials or science. In fact, you’ll know that our government has once again declared that restrictions should be lifted rapidly. There are some pauses in the plan, but it is clear that the political leadership is giving up.

I suspect we’re going to repeat the summer of 2021 when it was announced that Alberta was open only to have illness spread. We’ll get to see in the weeks to come – because it doesn’t take months for the virus to spread. Those of us who are vaccinated will likely see some illness but in a less serious way. However, those who aren’t will not likely be so lucky. There are still in the neighbourhood of 20 deaths per week in this province from this virus.

So we’ll see when the next wave arrives as it likely will.

Like many previous illnesses, we will likely learn to live with it, but we won’t be removing our masks around crowds of people anytime soon. We’ll avoid large crowds and prolonged exposure.

Yes, we’re not entirely convinced it’s over yet. But one thing is for sure, this will be an event that will define our time.

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