Air Travel again?

After two years of barely moving from the house and working mostly remotely from home, it appears we are traveling again. A quick trip to Toronto and back was last week.

I was in a window seat leaving Edmonton so I took a few pictures. It has always amazed me how the physics works that allowance a vehicle weighing several tons to carry us into the air…and traveling around 30,000 feet in the air cover four provinces all while I watched the last Bond movie!

Edmonton International airport

As we passed over Georgian Bay I could see the moon reflecting on the snow and ice below.

Like many bodies of water, these days you can tell it is not entirely frozen. You can also see a community lit up on the shoreline – but I could not figure out quite where that might be.

Approaching the city of Toronto

Air travel amazes me – every time!

And of course it was great to have supper with my MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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