It’s a Crock Country Store – Leduc AB

While we were in Leduc the other day we stopped into a little shop that we had heard of and were we ever glad we did. What a lovely spot to look around and get some good ideas around decorating.

And let me tell you – what a lovely staff – they were welcoming without hovering over us, had a good sense of humour, and were just lovely to chat with. They made us comfortable and while we didn’t buy anything we’ll be back.

They were setting up for Christmas though much of the store was ready.

Their prices were more than reasonable for the qulaity and the displays were tasteful.

We’re looking for a sign or lettering of some kind for over our bed – this is the kind of thing we’re hunting for but we would like it larger. We have lots of family pictures to put up but something that would center it all.

These are kinds of drives we love to enjoy together – and then to grab a cup of coffee or even pick up supper on the way home. It’s been so nice to be able to travel around without getting caught up in hours of traffic and mayhem.

On the same street was this remarkable furniture store – and wow! That’s my reaction to it. Wow! They had some really fantastic stuff. Large lights, chairs, rugs, stuffed raccoons – yup! It was really neat to look around but I think we would need a larger house for most of what we saw. But wow.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    What a fantastic store so happy you can go exploring and enjoy these lovely spots

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