Quincy’s Quilting

Wendy is starting to look to get back to sewing and she’s got a couple of projects planned. So we decided to check out a couple of quilt shops. We decided to return to Leduc to visit the shop there.

This is a large shop and it had lots of fabric – and lots of puzzles – is it a quilt shop or a puzzle shop?

They had a huge area for long arm machines but unfortunately, it’s off-limits and kind of hidden away – which is really a shame because quilters love to see the set up, the kinds of machines used and what the quilts look like. I think they’re missing something here.

Just over an interior door was a really lovely picture. I asked an employee about it, and she clearly was more absorbed in her task than in me, so she gave me a short but polite answer… and then went back to whatever was on her screen.

We were never approached by an employee, never once asked if they could help. The employees seemed absorbed in their own work and there were many employees. Wow. I couldn’t believe the lack of customer service….but then that seems to be a theme these days.

This could be a really nice store – expensive but nice.

What is with customer service – or more correctly where is it these days?

Here’s the picture of a mother and grandmother teaching the children some skills.

And so on to the next quilt shop on another day…

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Oh that’s too bad when you feel that customer service is not that important the gym I used to go to had a sign at their desk ‘No service, no customers’ but lack of help seems to be so prevalent these days even at the Emergency in the hospital

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