Renovation update

We’re very excited about the progress we’re making in our new home. Furniture is arriving, books are coming out of boxes (the movers wondered if we had ever heard of Kindle) and now even some of our pictures are being considered for this wall or that.

A big step forward is getting the ceilings finished – a rather messy labour intensive job. Philip, our super skilled, caring son, arrived this week to do the first part of the ceiling. After moving things out of the way and attaching plastic to the walls to create a sealed area he refinished a big part of the main level.

But first to get the ceiling ready – he even got his Mom to help out a bit.

We are in love with our lovely home and as I’ve noted before we are amazed at where we have landed and feel very blessed!

We have been able to do this for two main reasons. First, we saved our pennies and sometimes it really seemed like just pennies – especially in the early days when we had so little. Second, we have Philip and Amanda who have worked tirelessly to help us. Philip visited each of the houses we were interested in, gave us great feedback and guided ua to this really great place.

The neighbourhood is quiet and safe, we’re near lots of services, food stores, banks, library, restaurants, even the fire and police stations are very nearby.

We had chosen, for those of you care about these things, Repose Grey as our main colour through the house.

We have a skylight above the living room which is great because it makes this room really light (and Alberta gets lots of sun) but you’ll see that it changes the colour of the room on the right from looking grey to beige – a painting of the skylight will likely address this. All that to say, Wendy did a great job of steering us towards the right colour with the white trim is really striking. This also shows what a great job Philip did in refinishing our gold oak floors and staining them in Walnut. Gorgeous!

He’s going to die inside when we drop an area rug on it…. but hey it can be cold in AB.

After Wendy did her part…she thinks Phil had her do that so he could get a picture, he donned his gear, taped up the area and sprayed the ceiling. It looks great – really great! Our 90’s era home is really coming into the 21 Century and we’re thrilled. Again – without Philip and Amanda we could have never accomplished all this.

One last photo of the living room in the evening with the lights on… rug to come but isn’t Wendy’s quilt lovely on the back of the sofa? I love it!

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