Sunny Leduc AB

Yesterday it rained hard and all day. Thank goodness – well actually, thank the good Lord. We really need that rain as we haven’t had any rain of any significance in weeks. The ground is very dry and winter is approaching so this will be good for the trees and shrubs as we head into the next season.

Today was a lovely sunny day so we decided that we would take advantage of the warm sun and clear blue sky to go for a short drive down to Leduc.

Leduc is a small town south of Alberta, near the Edmonton International Airport. It is a lovely spot with typical angle parking along the main drag and lots of lovely shops. The new box stores are on the other side of the highway and so the downtown seems to have kept much of it’s charm.

We stopped along 50th Avenue where there was a lovely cafe – I’ll be back – and across the street was a very large quilt shop which intrigued Wendy and caused her to say “I’ll be back soon”.

Wendy wants me to get her the little sign “she who dies with the most fabric wins”….

Just down the street was a clock – I’ve seen these in a number or prairie towns.

but I had never seen one of these outside like this before…

We drove over the Telford Lake (on the other side of the tracks) and what a lovely spot that is!!

I knew that Pelicans visited Calgary on their migration and of course the prairies gets thousands and thousands of birds migrating each year but I didn’t know Pelicans would be this far north.

Of course every prairie town seems to have a grain elevator – but the number of wood ones like this is diminishing quickly and there are some towns working to keep them as a heritage site as it appears Leduc may be doing here.

and finally, as we were by the lake a small West Jet plane took off and came out over the lake. It’s starting to feel like life may return to a new normal and our pandemic realities will fade into the past.

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  1. Gibberish says:

    The lake looks so calm and serene šŸ„°šŸ’–

  2. Sometimes language mix-ups can cause you to read interesting posts. In Sweden corporations or limited companies has the ending AB in their names. So your title really looked like a Swedish company name. Even better, I had not heard of Leduc before now šŸ™‚

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