We’re still settling in…

We’re slowly getting there….for those who keep asking. The living room furniture at long last arrived last week. We ordered it on March 28 and were told it might be September before it arrived. So happily it is now in our home. Next will be an area rug and then some pictures on the wall. We are so indebted to Philip and Amanda who have done so much to help us land in a good place!

Our granddaughter Rachel is now doing gymnastics and she wanted to demonstrate how flexible she is – she is really enjoying this opportunity. We’re so glad to see enjoying it.

I was going through some papers of my Dad’s and found this picture amongst some notes – it’s a picture of His Dad, my Grandpa Waters, and here’s the note on the back.

We have had some lovely times with the kids lately and they have turned our quiet house (at times) into a very noisy and energy-filled home. We love having them around. Recently Phil and Amanda went off on a holiday and we moved into their house to spend time and mind the kids while they were off camping in BC. We are so fortunate to be able to do this. Tired but fortunate.

These are the people, and certainly not all, but some of the people who make our lives rich. And some of those people aren’t even with us any more yet their lives have enriched ours and in ways they live on in our memories, values and decisions.

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