Shopping on line

It’s become the norm – at least in our house – we of course were forced to try and shop online as the pandemic began but even before that we were shopping online more and more. We were doing so because inventory levels were clearly lower and to look for options going from store to store is too slow and expensive. The websites offer the ability for greater choices without the hassle of being out for hours.

We really liked this and thought we would buy it – the only problem being it is only available in the USA as they don’t ship to Canada.

However we did find something we liked and for a reasonable price here in Canada at Homesense but we had to actually go to the store…now here’s the interesting part.

I bought it and they asked me to go to the pick up area…which I did.

The pick up area was right beside the front door – with the cash registers – another interesting story but to my point.

I drove up, opened up the hatch of the van and out came two employees – one was clearly the boss with shirt and tie on…he held the door for the guy pushing the cart with our furniture on it. Then I asked them to put it in the van on it’s back….at which the guy pushing the cart asks me, can you help me lift it in.

I looked at the tie guy…he clearly had no intention of helping…

Nice customer service there Mr. Manager…

So I helped him put it in – it was not heavy – then I drove off but not before deciding to leave a review of my experience on line on Google Map.

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