A wonderful garden centre

Despite the recent smoke in the air, we took a drive to this wonderful garden centre – about a 20 minutes drive from our house! Have I mentioned how easy it is to get around here? I mean 20 minutes in Toronto got us out of our neighbourhood….now 20 minutes means we’re 15 minutes out of the city!

At any rate…..I digress.

Inside is a wonderful women’s clothing shop, a gift shop, a shop for home decorations, a nursery and a restaurant as well as a display related to the season and this day they were setting up for Christmas.

We bought a couple of things for the house, including some lovely blue dried flowers for our black vase which we’ve had forever (it seems) and we picked up a sign for our new home! (Pictures to follow)

we spent a great deal of time looking at these as we shop around for something which will be above our bed. We also have designs in mind for one of our walls where we are going to put a ton of pictures of our family!

This nativity set was on display. We were given this set when visiting a corps in Labrador and we display it every year. We really love it. There were many nativity sets for sale but this caught our attention.

There were a couple of funny signs that were on display – which are below.

The garden center had a lovely garden area as well which is clearly used for weddings or other gatherings. We took a walk around and I really appreciated the opportunity to see the plants labelled so that I could see which ones grow well in this climate.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    What a beautiful shop lots to see for sure

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