Days of Covid

If you’ve been following the Alberta Covid story you’ll know things are not good here – ICU departments are full, people are dying, patients are being transferred outside their regions, hospitals and EMS are short staffed and the government is looking for federal resources and possible calling in the military.

Despite that stores like Costco, Ikea, Walmart and the like seem to have as many people in them as possible. All summer people have been going out, and entering into public places without masks.

At the end of June 2021 the Premier declared the province open for the summer – and since then 321 people have died of Covid – a very preventable number.

It was as if the pandemic is over. But it is not – far from it as our health system testifies to.

Shortages are still about. We went to buy paint today – might be in next week. Went to buy bookcases today – expected to be back in stock in three weeks.

With shortages in many commodities it is apparent that our global systems are still struggling.

Photo by Callum Hilton on

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