I really like a good thunderstorm!

Photo by Nick Kwan on

It may seem silly to some but I really do, and of course in a day and age of climate change it is clear that some of the storms we are seeing now are worth being respectful of, if not a bit terrified of. My love of thunderstorms goes back to the cottage when as a kid we would sit out on the screened porch and look out over the lake watching thunderstorms.

The Cottage on Lake Cecebe

Last night we began to see lightning so I took my camera outside to see if I could get a picture or two. I had gone around to the back of the house which faces west and there was quite a bit of thunder and lightening but then I felt a few drops of rain coming, so I went to the front of the house which faces east. There was even more activity and the rain began to come in earnest.

Here’s a couple of minutes of video facing the east and you’ll hear the oncoming rain.

from my YouTube channel

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