Apple crumble – homemade

First of all let me say that my part in this was minimal!

We have a lovely apple tree right behind our deck which gives us lovely shade and lots of apples – like hundreds of them. They don’t grow to be huge (it was a very dry summer) but they are very sweet.

As the summer is wrapping up and the tree has now shed all it’s apples, we decided we should grab the last few and make another apple crisp. We had made one a couple of weeks ago and was very tasty.

So we grabbed some apples, washed, peeled…. beyond that I would need Wendy to explain.

And there it is… now I like mine warm with ice cream – or in the case of the present supply out of the freezer, frozen chocolate yogurt. It was delicious.

All credit to Wendy for knowing what to do!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    That looks so good and especially when you can have ice cream with it YUM

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