WW2 Veterans

Lots of churches, for recognition of men serving in the wars, put up some kind of plaque or list of names to honour those who served and those who gave their lives in this most tragic way.

Our archive had a very large plaque that included a clock as well as the names of many.

This very large (about 4.5 feet high) was sitting in the property department. It came out of the West Toronto Corps, which was of interest to me because my grandparents (my Dad’s parents) were the corps officers there at one time. The other aspect of this unique board is that there are names on here that are very familiar to me, especially the Pugh family. Brian was my brother-in-law and we have remained in touch with the family and of course his kids remain our interest!

The references on the plaque, of course, are not to those who are alive today, but would be grandparents.

The interesting line is the in the dedication plaque that outlines this recognizes “the boys” who have sacrificed….and when you think of the age of those who went off to war, in many cases they were boys, well certainly very young but forced to face things which the average 18 year old today could hardly imagine.

You can see the added note to the board referencing Caleb Isaacs. A little research identified him as a 35 year old of the Royal Canadian Artillery, 15th field regiment. He is buried in the Netherlands and died March 6,1945. He was the son of John and Edith Isaacs.

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