The supremacy of God

We were at the lawyer’s office this week to conclude the details around the house purchase and to sign our wills. I noticed on his wall in the waiting area this document.

As I was reading this document I noted in particular the passages about what rights are guaranteed under this bill. We might have an interesting conversation about definitions around this but there they are.

But what really caught my attention is the primary paragraph that outlines the context.

I made the comment to the lawyer that I did not think this would get through our parliament today and he agreed. The world is changing but for us, the supremacy of God is real, and does not require a bill of rights or a Parliamentary vote to remain intact No we believe that God, the Father, the Creator and Preserver of the Universe is firmly in His place, that His hand is upon us and that His plan for the redemption of the world is on track. So we do not fear, we do not fret. We are in His hands.

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