Here they come…

It’s been a quiet few days on Hybrid Thoughts – we’ve been busy with the unpacking and settling but we also took a day to put away the box cutter, set aside the work clothes, and grab a couple of cold drinks and hit the road.

First of all we had to celebrate Wendy’s birthday – she just keeps getting better. Hard to believe but we really are bringing our dream to reality – to just grow old together! I am sorry for those couples who never make it here, for one reason or another I know that many find themselves in a difficult spot so this is not a comment on your situation – it is simply a reflection on ours. We’ve worked through lots of stuff, had our fair share of disagreements, had a few of those not easily resolved moments but each time we’ve worked through things knowing that we had a shared dream – to grow old together and we’re doing that every day.

A timely moment to say happy anniversary to Phil and Amanda today! We’re so enjoying being near them and wish them many years of joy together.

We drove out to Camrose to look around and to reacquaint ourselves with the area. Having been in roles that required us to travel we’ve seen lots of Alberta and the northern territories. So our first trip was just 45 minutes away in lovely Camrose – a real hub for the area.

the old downtown

I labelled the picture, old downtown, but the sign said “historic downtown”. I’m not old, I’m historic! That might be my new line.

Mirror Lake

We picked up some lunch and ate it overlooking the lake – a lovely day! After about 5 days of smokey skies we’ve not had any for a week now and I ‘m hoping the sky stays clear… because Jason the the kids are on their way.

Leaving Ottawa

There they are – strapped in and headed out for a long trip across the country – they’ll be two days before they even get to the Ontario border! We’re really looking forward to their visit. Note the sunglasses – just like Grandpa!

So, here they come!

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