Carlyle makes a list


Rather than be with her brother and sister who had to attend an appointment, Carlyle opted to spend part of the day with us. That should be enough to make you smile – it did us.

She arrived early – around 8 as her Dad dropped her off on his way to work. She worked with her Grandma to do a few things and one of them was a list of things for me to get at the grocery store… as seen above.

She handed it to me and I started to read it aloud…


cheese slices

english muffins I continued…and I arrived at milk then…

what the heck I thought…what is otop pihc?

Then I saw the next line! Got you!

What a girl. We had a good laugh together. This is going to be great having the grandchildren so close by!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Carlyle is sure ‘on the ball’ she sounds like she loves to have fun and how nice for you to have the Grandchildren so nearby

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