Slowly but surely


Moving is enormously energy consuming. It really does drain you physically and emotionally. It starts with the decisions around moving, the location and timing, but the real shift comes with the packing. I probably have not documented well the journey of “things” which strikes you as you attempt to pack. If there were no emotions involved in moving we would probably throw out more things, or at least not dwell on them…but moving is an emotional work and you do tend to hold things in your hands longer than necessary before finding a box and wrapping it well.

Then comes the journey – in our case – a four day drive. Time, hotels, meals on the road, watching the scenery, not missing any turns (made so much easier with technology).

All that to say, by the time you start the unpacking process – well we’re beat!

So when you’re feeling drained you need to do something that gives you energy, helps “fill your bucket” to coin a phrase which I really like. One of the things that fills my bucket is working in the garden and when you arrive in a city in July the garden centers are selling off their remaining stock.

We had a great time – well I had a great time ripping out all the old dry soil and replacing it with some good soil and some fresh flowers – it was clear that the garden had been neglected and I learned later it was for about two years. The thistles etc were all through the garden – but now that is all gone and fresh colour is reviving the look of the house.

Whoever planted the garden before really like the iris – there are lots of them but the bulbs are getting old and need to be replaced. When we were at the garden center Wendy spotted Calla Lilies which apparently are not lilies. At any rate these are beautiful and now in the garden – apparently I need to dig these up in the autumn and store them in peat moss for the winter.

In case you are wondering, I did not increase the saturation in the photo – this is really how it looks in the garden.

Isn’t it interesting that the Bible begins and ends in a garden. In the midst of rich soil, lush plants, flowers and colour and growth are the evidences of God’s creative hand. Here in this setting God set man to begin the journey to life and family. And here is where God restores. No wonder we find joy and health, peace and solitude in the garden.

In the middle of my own tiredness I find real rest in the garden. Where is your place of renewal?

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