Home Sweet Home


Just behind our deck, and providing some wonderful shade and privacy is a large apple tree – type to be determined – and it is filled with green apples, at this point about the size of an apricot. It will be interesting to see what the variety of apple is. However, with the recent heat and lack of rain the poor tree is curling it’s leaves and they are shedding on to the deck like it was early October!

Thankfully we’ve been getting a bit of rain and today looks to be a full rain event so the trees and lawns will benefit greatly.

This deck is going to be a place we really enjoy. While it needs some work and updating, it’s location and ease of use is ideal. On most mornings we’ve eaten breakfast here as well as our lunches. Suppers seem to have taken us other places – a couple at Philip and Amanda’s home and a couple out while running errands.

The blue chair of course is there and it is so comfortable to sit in – the design of the adirondack chair is wonderful in the way it wraps around your back and raises the knees.

We managed to pick up some flowers – though the marigolds are from Amanda and Phil – and the greenhouse had their flowers on 50% off!! Yahoo. You should know that marigolds have a symbolic meaning which implies a positive and colourful impact on our street! Yes we want to be marigolds.

Finally to point out that the flag was a gift from our neighbours in Scarborough who were sorry to see us go – and we display it here with joy!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Your house looks great and so nice that you have a deck to enjoy during the summer weather, I am so happy for you

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