Geese V formation


I was driving back with Eric Bond from Saskatchewan one September headed for Edmonton when suddenly we began to see that the sky was filled with flocks of geese. Not just one type but many and they were in these enormous V formations.

I don’t believe I would be exaggerating if I said there were thousands upon thousands of geese and as far as the eye could see these formations of birds flying were visible. I wish we had stopped and taken some pictures but we didn’t.

In our move to Edmonton is one of the things I am hoping to do is get it on video and in pictures – but that’s for another day.

This morning, shortly after I got up and got my coffee I began to hear that familiar sound of geese honking as they flew overhead. I wish I had been a bit quicker or had already been outside! I grabbed my phone to try and grab a video of them. Below is the end result – not stellar at all – but you can hear the geese who at the point I got the video recording were quite a ways away from the house.

In the video you have to look towards the large tree you’ll see the formation low in the sky – just above the houses as the video ends. I would have loved to captured that better, but you can hear all the birds early in the morning singing their hearts out before the busyness of the city drowns them out.

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