Blue skies, green grass


The Habs won – again – and move on to the next round of playoffs against the Winnipeg Jets. It was a great come back for the Montreal Canadiens after being done 3 games to 1.

It’s a beautiful day here but what really makes this date stand out is that it is June 2021. This is the month we move to Edmonton – the moving truck arrives in 20 days. We leave in 25 days so now the calendar is really grabbing our attention.

We’re looking forward to seeing the house we’ve bought in person – not just video or pictures – to walk the house and see how it can become our home for a number of years that the Lord allows. Here we will enjoy our family as we live close to Phil and Amanda and Carlyle, Fitz and Paige. I think we can hear their voices in the home already as we break out the lego, have snacks and meals together and we celebrate the milestones of life.

So yes we are anxious and optimistic about the days to come.

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