The workshop


To say that Phil loves being in his workshop is an understatement. His work is impeccable too. He cares about fit and finish and there is no “making it fit”. He knows technique and cares about getting it right. He’s got so much skill and experience that there’s little not getting it right.

A little while ago he set up a remote camera, partially for security but also so that we could tap into it and see him in the garage. Amanda loves coming out too when he’s working and hanging out with him.

Sometimes when he’s in the garage and if we see him we’ll call and he will show us what he’s working on and we can hear the tools, the music in the background. It’s great fun to watch and such a great way to see a bit of their lives. It’s even better when the kids walk into the garage!

They will turn to the camera and wave if they know we’re watching. Technology is wonderful.

The other day I grabbed a couple of screen shots and you can see Philip holding up his things to show us and explain what he’s doing.

“here’s the test piece”
“here’s the cut list”

We have such a wonderful family. I am grateful for God everyday for Philip and Amanda, Jason, and all the grandchildren…. Rachel, Carlyle, Beth, Ted, Fitz and Paige.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Philip certainly is gifted with many talents

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