I probably have too many of these, but they do bring back great memories, and over time I find that some of the keepsakes that have been handed down to me provide new information to other bits and pieces I have known.

Two pieces here today. The first is the DVD (case) from my Dad’s celebration of life. My confession is that those days seemed surreal and while we knew that Dad’s illness of terminal and would likely move quickly to take his life, that when it all happened there were just a series of decisions and actions that were needed. I remember being taken even surprised by how focused and action-orientated Mom was. Even as I was trying to be of help, she was three steps ahead of me making the arrangements quickly and decisively. She was sure strong! But that’s what I have always thought.

The second keepsake is a letter Dad wrote to Wendy when we were in Erin Mills and just captains. Wendy had her gall bladder removed and as the Chief Secretary Dad wrote a lovely letter.

Here’s my short video of them.

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