What Jesus did

Last year for the officers retreat Wendy and I were fortunate to attend the BC division’s retreat on Vancouver Island. We flew into Vancouver and then took one of the small Cesenas hoppers over to Nanaimo. Les and Tiffany picked us up and we headed to the retreat setting. Long flights and waiting airports are never a great deal of fun – trust me I’ve logged hundreds of hours doing this and eating at airports. It looks enchanting – it’s not.

This was a delightful experience and as you can see our accommodation was really lovely. Dr. David Smith was the guest and as usual he led a wonderful study of the book of Mark.

Fast forward one year. We’re at home – under the “stay at home” order. Isn’t it hard to believe how much has changed in a year. I was quite excited yesterday for snow. Two reasons: one, it means it made the scenery look different- a change of scenery so to speak. Second, I got to shovel snow, twice! Yup – yahoo.

So I’ve been reading in the book of John and went to the final chapter. At the very end of the chapter comes this verse.

Jesus did many other things… Ever wonder what those things were? Where there other healings, other towns visited, did Jesus attend other people’s homes for meals? Did he talk to the disciples about other things? Did Jesus make the disciples laugh around every day actions? Did he tell them things about the Kingdom of God that they never wrote down? Did Jesus heal people in ways that became common to their experience with Jesus (ie. did he let people touch him and were they healed immediately)?

I have been giving thought to this and other things. What would be questions or comments you might make from this verse?

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