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A few days in Quebec


Last week we found ourselves in Orford Quebec at the divisional retreat. This is a small perhaps better described intimate division. We had a wonderful time en francais and each day seemed to bring something different. We explored Sherbrook Quebec where we had never been – ate poutine at Le Shack – a real unique experience! Oh and delicious too.

I was really taken with the teaching of Colonel Daniel Naud. This man is a wonderful teacher and his gentle but authority teaching really gave us reason to think. His word to us was entirely set in the Word of God and his personal illustrations brought a sense of genuine leadership.  He is the TC for France and Belgium and obviously a wise and thoughtful leader.

One of our team building exercises was putting together a puzzle – thus the feature image above. Did I mention how good the food was? DELICIOUS!


WinShape Retreat Centre

One of the lounge

My internet connection has been somewhat limited for the past week – and it has been a busy week with the final residential component of Arrow Leadership in Georgia.  The setting was great – the WinShape Retreat Center.  You can “google” that if you want to see something of the nature of this  large facility.

The three fold emphasis of Arrow is to be Led by Jesus, to Lead More Like Jesus and to Lead More to Jesus.  This transformational program pairs educational and inspirational speakers and readings to build a unique leadership development model.

From books on spiritual formation to accounting principals for non-profits the design helps develop personal character as much as business/ministry tools.

WinShape Centre

Rick pointing to class time!

The main lodge

Night Sky

Are We Faithful to The Truth?

The Retreat is over…back to the front lines!  But not without a visit to Lake Louise first.

For the past 3 days I’ve not been out of the hotel….meetings, meetings, meetings.  What is wrong with that picture?!  Here we are nestled into the beautiful setting of Kananaskis and I haven’t even been for a walk out to the edge of the plateau.  Not to worry we will have a break tomorrow before heading to Calgary on Saturday and then home.

 That being said I am grateful for a time of refreshment and reflection.  We were blessed by the presentations, music and fun of the retreat.

From Sandra’s presentation comes another quote:

“The devil has seldom done a cleverer thing than hinting to the Church that part of their mission is to provide entertainment for the people, with a view to winning them…providing amusement for the people is nowhere spoken of in Scriptures as a function of the Church…The need is bibilical doctrine, so understood and felt that it sets men (and women) on fire.”
– Charles Spurgeon.

I wouldn’t want you to think we’ve spent these days beating up on churches – our own or others – for how they present the Gospel.  Far from it, we have been engaged in discovering what Jesus said to the Churches of Revelation regarding their state of spiritual well being, and asking ourselves and each other are we as a Church fulfilling our mandate?  Are we faithful to our calling and to the proclomation of the Truth?