I’ll be home for Christmas

It certainly looks like we’ll all be home for Christmas – we’re not going anywhere with the numbers continuing to climb. I read recently of the work of an Edmonton doctor working from the Royal Alex Hospital as he shared what a nightmare his days are becoming running from one patient to another as he works to save their lives or unfortunately arrange for them to have an iPad to say goodbye to family before they die. These are not good times for many, and those in the health industry are bearing the brunt of it, it would seem.

I know as I listen to Philip it seems that the entire health care system is so burdened it seems to be in a place that is entirely unsustainable. We pray every day for Philip and Amanda and the kids that they will be safe and healthy. (And tonight Alberta announces a strict lock down).

Christmas Day will be difficult for many – Jason will be alone in Ottawa as the kids are with Susan this year. Mom will be in the Meighen without us. We will be here – quietly I suspect.

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