Photos that capture a moment

In the travel that we’ve done, either myself on business or with Wendy and the kids, I have usually had a camera nearby. I’ve loved capturing something of the place, the time, even the time of year and hence even the feeling of the day! I’ve always loved having a camera to capture what was happening so that we could look back and recall that event or moment in time.

One of the areas that I have loved visiting was the Yukon – a beautiful part of Canada with such magnificent geographic features and interesting history. This picture was from a day trip out of Whitehorse over to Skagway Alaska. The drive was fascinating – came across a Lynx crossing the road, watched snowmobilers in no-mans-land (an area between the Canadian and US borders) and after driving past incredibly deep snow found ourselves by the water with green grass and budding leaves.

And so to my point of capturing a memory, when I look at the picture I can still feel the coolness of the air with the warmth of the sun on me. That’s the power of a good memory caught for us to review and remember.

Lake of the Woods early morning – coffee in hand – no one else awake

What’s a memory that lives for you in a photograph?

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