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Things that bring back memories

In case you’re wondering – it’s the scout camp on Green Bay – and if you peer through the mist of Lake Cecebe you can see a white boathouse across the bay…that was the Eastland cottage. If I seem a bit obsessed with this place it is because some of my greatest childhood memories were here….and well, memories are a wonderful thing!

At the top of the post, you’ll see a photo of my Nanny Eastland with her daughters – all five of them. The cottage is where they all went on vacation and I was there – all summer with them and their families. My uncle Jim and I use to take the boat across the bay and catch garter snakes at the scout camp as it seemed deserted most of the summer. Lots of memories here… and yes even as I type this I’m smiling!

So what summer memories do you have?


Great memories

The wonderful thing about photographs is that they freeze, at it were, moments in time. Last night I found a few photos that really sparked a memory for me. In particular is this photo. Wendy, Leanne, and Jason are sitting outside a cottage that Leanne had rented for a holiday. We all met there to spend some time together.

Wendy and I with the boys lived in Calgary after many years living near family in southern Ontario. Now we were far away and so with tent trailer in tow we had driven across the country to have time together. The summer was warm and sunny and we were really enjoying our vacation.


Our time at the cottage though was unsettling. First, of all Dad had been found to have a small tumor in his lungs and he was clearly troubled. While we were alone he talked about what might be coming and how facing a harder struggle or preparing to die might be necessary. I countered that optimism and faith were preferred. How foolish on my part.

The other unsettling part, at least to me, was that it was clear he wasn’t quite himself. He had always been a big fan of boats and water yet when given the opportunity to head out in the water he preferred to remain as the picture has him, sitting on the deck.

This was the last time we were all together as in September a tumor in the brain was found and by late October, days before his 72nd birthday, he went to be with the Lord.

What does Google know about you

“It’s an unfortunate reality that if you use Google services, Google has more information on you than you think. That means Gmail, Google+, Google Contacts, Google Docs, Google Calendar and other Google applications, along with Android.

The good news is that you can find out how much of your information has been logged with Google so you can take steps to get rid of it. The better news is that you can download all that information to your computer for your personal records so you don’t list it in the cleanup.
Google Takeout is a service from Google that tells you how much information Google has about you. It’s a quick way to see your “Google footprint” across 15 Google services, with more on the way. Your footprint can be composed of your browsing history, contact information, emails and any other information that is being stored on Google’s servers. That could add up to a lot of info. Fortunately, you don’t have to do anything while it’s collecting. Just be patient and the service will let you know when it’s done. Once the information arrives, you can download it.

Services like Google Takeout don’t just shed a little light on what’s going on behind the scenes of Google’s user tracking, they also teach us about exactly how much of our personal info is being tracked.

Download Instructions Go to the Google Takeout page using the link below and click “Create an Archive” to get started. It may take a while. If you’re really active on the web, it can take up to several hours.

You’ll be notified by Google through text or email when your information is ready to download. Click the “My Archives” link to download the zip file to your computer. Your information will be divided into folders, so you can find your contacts, your mail, your pictures and everything else that Google has through your profiles.

“How much information does Google have on you? Find out,” 03/29/2015, “

From the IT newsletter – THQ

Make sure you go to the very bottom of the page when it appears and choose the Windows or Mac file that is appropriate – don’t get caught by the pop up ads!