Wrapped in love

We all get gifts which while we appreciate the thought and the gift, it doesn’t stay in our possession forever. Then there are gifts which we cherish. Sometimes we cherish them because of what it is, and sometimes because of who gave it to us.

I have a small sailboat sitting on my dresser. On the sail is printed 1 Peter 5:7 which declares, “Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you”.

The gift is special because Wendy gave it to me, and the reason she gave me this is that on one of the most difficult days of our ministry when it seemed like the very demons of Hell were aligned against us and the future of an entire congregation was at stake, the little fax machine rattled to life in the office and out spit a short but incredibly meaningful message which came from my Mom and Dad which said “Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you….and so do we!”

Every time I see that little sailboat I am reminded of that day and the emotional and spiritual impact that had upon me.

There are other gifts which mean much because of who gave them – you just know that the gift is valuable because it cost something extra from the giver. I think that’s how I view Wendy’s quilts. When I think of the time and effort it takes to find the pattern, pick just the right fabrics, to cut with precision, sew the dozens of pieces perfectly then sandwich, top stitch, bind….it’s hundreds of hours. So I always think of Wendy’s quilts as fine workmanship – like I do with Philip’s woodworking.

Tonight Jason sent a picture him with the three kids watching a movie (the Friday night tradition) and the kids each had the quilt Wendy made them cuddled up on the couch. What a great picture, what a great memory!

Pizza and movie night

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