Hybrid remake

Our Surveyor Hybrid is a 2005. We actually bought in October of 2004 and took possession of it in April 2005. It’s been on lots of road trips. We pulled it around Alberta, across BC on to the Island. We took it to Idaho, Washington State, and and Montana.

We also pulled it from Calgary to Kenora and back one summer. And of course we pulled it from Edmonton to Toronto when we moved and later that summer down to Lake George.

Yes, it’s been a great vehicle for our vacation.

Our campsite near Kenora

But of course over all those years and in the heat of the sun and the cold of the winter, it has taken it’s toll on the trailer.

This week Philip began to do some work to help give the trailer some extra life – he fixed the outside water intake that had a leak, used aluminum angle to shore up the under side of the trailer, took up the rotted flooring and replaced it with new underlay and then vinyl on it to give it a new floor. He’s doing some other work too that will improve the trailer.

The trailer in Edmonton

The ability and skill that Philip has to do this kind of work is impressive! I wish I could say I helped… I think I likely got in the way more than anything! In the end, the trailer has significantly been improved and we hope that Philip, Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz and Paige will have many more years of good memories with our hybrid.

We didn’t get to see everything back together before we had to leave, but since then Philip has fixed it all up and is out camping with the kids!

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