Sandbanks vacation

You’re pulling the trailer with that?

After leaving Hamilton and summer camps behind, Philip asked the question, “what are we going to do all summer?” We decided to buy a tent trailer. We had little extra cash but we had enjoyed camping using others trailers or RV’s so we went went out to look. Then we began to discover this thing called “towing capacity”. That’s when we realized that the vehicle we had was only going to tow the smallest, lightest, tent trailer we could find. So this little gem had no hot water heater, no fridge, no bathroom, no extras, but it was ours and we had seven great summers with it!

One of our favourite places to go in the early days was Skycroft near Chaffey’s Lock, but we also enjoyed Sandbanks Provincial Park and other campgrounds in Prince Edward County. Campfires, and board games were always a good way to end the day! But during the day – hiking, swimming, fishing (which required renting a boat) and making meals made up a busy but enjoyable experience and most importantly we were together as a family making memories!

A vacation needs a fishing rod
Sandbanks had nice separation

When we were out camping Phil would almost always bring his own tent and sleep nearby. He always enjoyed having that little bit of independence and fun!

Our original dining tent – took more than one to put up!

We’ve always had a dining tent which made for dry eating and food prep away from the bugs if they were heavy or annoying. You can see the inflatable boat too!

We always ate well

I use to say, we don’t have much money but we sure eat well. I have not really mentioned what a great cook Wendy is and we rarely had things like beans or other canned meals! No we ate very well like these kaboobs.

And the nice thing about Sandbanks is the wonderful beach – we really enjoyed the size of it, the quality of this beach and clean water. The picture isn’t as clear as I would like but it does give you the sense of it’s size.

Jason and Philip playing together

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