People in our lives


This picture has lots of meaning in our lives. It is a one of a kind picture though you won’t know that by just looking at it. You have to know the people, what they represent to us and each other, and how we came to know them.

From right to left…

Philip, our youngest of two sons, he was in the midst of a big growth spurt at the time, grappling with what it means to go from being a child to an adult. He was impressionable and I was so glad to have him at this table!

Bill Rollins, a good friend, who I first met when we were doing youth work in the Southern Ontario division. Bill was the divisional music director for the Massachusetts division. I had been given his name by someone, who in turn had seen and heard Bill and recommended him. Bill came and I was amazed at his ability, his keen sense of humour, his devotion to following Jesus and willingness to serve! So when we arrived in Calgary I invited him to come to our corps to be the guest for our Stampede weekend. He was outstanding and really took an interest in Philip. We’ve stayed in touch and we still get a Christmas card from him and Valencia every year.

Wendy, my partner in life for over 40 years – seems so hard to believe ’cause I still feel like we’re pretty young! But we’re grandparents so how could that be?

Adele, Wendy’s sister and her family were also with us which was a delight and since we lived so far from family,, anytime they came to Calgary we were thrilled. There’s nothing like family.

Cathy R who was always an encouragement and support to us. Wiling to chip in on almost anything and always positive. Her smile was welcome in our presence anytime!

Cath Simper! Talented – a painter (we have several of her paintings and one pencil drawing hanging on our walls) and a remarkable golfer, gardener and just a super talented woman. While she and Bob were getting on in age and into retirement she had a genuine gift of hospitality which we were the benefactors of several times. Bob isn’t in the picture because he would be working hard to make the weekend work out well – but without he and Cath, we would have had a more difficult time. They gave themselves to us without reserve, looked out for our kids, were enormously generous to us. I just can’t say enough about this couple!

Mom who is with us – this is after Dad’s being promoted to glory and it was just a delight to have so many of our family around – I’m still amazed at this picture for all the family that were with us!

Connie, married to Ron beside her. Of nine cousins she was the oldest, I was second. We didn’t spend a great deal of time together as cousins but I always enjoyed being around her. She was smart, kind and just had a gentle spirit about her. Her husband Ron was doing procurement for work on the Tar Sands. They were just simply a great couple. Connie is gone – way to soon! So seeing her here is just a delight.

Brad, our nephew, is now married with kids of his own. He loved golfing, loved being outdoors and got along with Philip well. Not sure where his sister is? Maybe with her Dad at a nearby table.

All these people and more are important to us. They represent stories about us, who we are, what the events of our connections are, and joys which now, though only memory, still live on.

And then there are the people in the background. People who we served and loved at Glenmore. Some of those people we did their funerals, dedicated their children, watched them come or go. Some grew in their faith while others grew cold. I still pray for those whose hearts turned hard. We still remember them with great appreciation and fondness.

Who are the people of your life?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    what a great picture, brings back memories of those friends & family

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