Palm Springs


Last year Wendy and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by going to Palm Springs and LA in late January, early February. If you don’t know the area it’s about a 2 hour drive from LA to Palm Springs, and as we were going to leave from LA we decided to fly in to LAX and take a rental car from there. Avis had upgraded us and as we landed in the beautiful sunshine with blue skies and warm temperatures we picked up a great SUV and headed to Palm Springs.

If there’s anything you might not like about California it has to be the traffic. My goodness its’ a mess – I think worse than Toronto but the comparisons at times are close. So when we finally broke lose and got out into the desert is was a wonderful release.

Warm in Palm Springs

It’s an interesting sight to see as you head towards Palm Springs for you drive through what I would call a wind farm! Dozens, if not hundreds of wind mills standing on the floor of the desert as the hills surround you.

This was our second trip to Palm Springs which I’m referring to, but there are actually about five different communities here – Palm Springs is the oldest, I believe, and made famous as this is where the movies stars first came to escape winter in LA. Many of the streets are named after long gone celebrities.

It’s a clean, well manicured community. The restaurants are great and the prices quite reasonable.

Here’s the view from our place….

It’s a dry land – of course, it’s a desert! And while it wasn’t hot, it was more than comfortable for our vacation. Listen – if you’re looking for somewhere to go that is away from the hustle and bustle of life, this is the place! I am hoping we can return again soon.

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