Music for a generation

The title of this really is true. The music of Generals Gowans and Larsson live on in the memories of we who watched the musicals and learned the stirring songs. One of the reasons that we remember and know the songs is for three particular reasons I believe.

First of all, they resonated with us – songs like “To Be Like Jesus” are still sung as a prayer. Secondly, the musicals were well done, there was the quality of the script and songs even when the actors or singers weren’t the best.  Thirdly, many of those songs found their way to be used in meetings and made their way into the songbook.

I wrote earlier on General Gowan’s visit to Glenmore Temple here.

I found this wonderful YouTube video of a gathering in the UK with the Generals as they presented their music and gave us little reminders of the musicals. Some of us will be able to sing most of the songs from memory.  In this video, there is also, for at least myself, a wonderful glimpse of the audience and around the 36:30 mark you can see Commissioners Pratt.

Turn up the music and enjoy!


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