From the pen of John Gowans

General John Gowans was known for his wit, charm and genuine talent on the stage and in the crafting of words.  When he was Lt. Colonel John Gowans he came as the guest to Glenmore Temple’s Calgary Stampede weekend.  And from his productive mind came this wonderful poem reflective of the Stampede culture:

His hat flew high into the Air,
The bucking horse was mad.
The boy hung on with all the skill
And all the strength he had!
At last he landed in the mud,
But heard above the din,
He’d kept his seat and held his reins
Just long enough to win!
Give me the grace when things get rough
To take it with a grin
And hang on in the adversity
Just long enough to win!
General Gowns, with Commissioner Giesele Gowans returned to Calgary and the Stampede festivities in retirement.  He was, as usual, a most gracious man – they both were! 

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