Christmas 2019

We’ve been waiting for these days to arrive when we could have time with the kids. And we are in it! The days are busy and it seems like we’re always either making meals for cleaning up…and yet there’s time for games and playing together. As I’ve said before, the reward for having kids is grandkids but the cost of having grandkids is having kids!

I say that with tongue in cheek for what is grander than being with family, especially this time of year.

We’ve been reminded of both the importance of family and the fragility of life after receiving news of the untimely death of our friend’s son at age 23.

On Christmas day it was a delight to have my Mom with us as well as Jason, Rachel, Ted, and Beth. Wendy cooked up a wonderful dinner for us with all our favourites – including delicious turkey, gravy to kill for, and my favourite – roasted carrots and parsnips!

Of course, there were lots of gifts to open and the kids seemed pretty pleased with their treasures. For us, the joy of shopping, wrapping that gift and then watching it being opened is a wonderful thing and we are blessed to be able to do so!  Not everyone can, and we don’t take any of this for granted.

Gratefulness has its own reward. So we thank God every day for his blessings in our lives!

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