Terry turns 60

How can it be that I and my friends and family are getting to ages that mean we are, well, getting old(er). Hard to believe that Terry turned 60 yesterday and of course I’m older than he is.

My sisters are now both into their 50’s and my Mom is well past 39, the age which I my Dad assigned her each birthday as we were growing up.

I have decided that there are two choices when it comes to birthdays. Either you can dread it and resist the acknowledgement of years gone by, or you can recognize another birthday for what it is really is, the success of another year achieved. Lots of people didn’t live to these ages and some who we loved and cherished died at young ages which we saw as regrettable. So a birthday is a good thing, is something to be celebrated!

It has taken me some time to come to this as my own conclusion. I was not so happy about turning 60, but my mind has been changed by my grandchildren and by the realization that the protestant work ethic has a big downside. The commitment to long hours, hard work and heavy schedules means we remove ourselves from the people we love the most. While I have always loved my work and always given myself to successful leadership I recognize more and more that the cost was often borne by my family.img_20191231_122556

So today I am looking for an opportunity to be together, not apart. I am looking forward to travel that keeps us together and allows us some very wonderful shared experiences.

So with another birthday for Terry and myself in December, I find myself celebrating and looking forward to another year of experiences with friends and family.

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