Home to Calgary

Born in Calgary, it was over 40 years before I returned and since then I really have enjoyed the province and in particular the city of Calgary.  I confess that our seven good years at Glenmore Temple give me a certain bias towards Calgary especially because that is where my son met his amazing and talented wife, but there is something about the pace and attitudes of Calgarians. Don’t take offense Edmontonians, it isn’t meant to add a comment on you or your city.  (That being said, Edmonton is just filled with wonderful people and I just can’t wait to move there.  Did you know the Edmonton Oilers are leading the Western Division?  Go Connor McDavid! – Amanda Waters)

The event in Calgary was attended by 800 civic leaders and I had the opportunity to sit with the Lt. Governor, Her Honour Lois Mitchell. She was a delight to talk to and gave to me one of the Lt Governor pins to pass on to Carlyle.

Paul Brandt also was in attendance and spoke extremely well. I had time with him in the green room and we were able to talk more about the work of TSA which he is very aware of. He is a lovely man of faith!img_20191114_122710 Gerry Wood sponsored the event through his group of companies and it was good to see him after many years. We worked together as he was on the advisory board for Calgary.

He generously led us off with a $50 gift into the kettle!

I also had a chance to talk to some really great people who I have had the opportunity to cross paths with through the years. There is something very wonderful to reconnect on a day like this and to know how our lives have shared important moments in our journey of life.


I was at the Edmonton and Calgary events to share in the “did you know” about TSA and our work.

It was nice tonight to share the writing of this blog with our wonderful daughter-in-love Amanda! We’ve had a great visit with her and Philip and the grandkids!

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