Ron and Marilyn


Just 9 months apart, Marilyn went to be with the Lord last week.  She really did love Jesus and had a solid faith along with dependability that is rare in these days. She grew up in a Salvation Army home which I remember as 56 Lemon Street, Guelph Ontario. Her Mom, Ida, was my aunt, a half sister to my Dad.  I didn’t know Ida and her husband Chuck as well as I would have liked to, and clearly, there were family issues going a long way back.

I’ve blogged before about my Grandpa Waters, who I did not know well. My Dad described him as loving, a good sense of humour who was all Salvation Army officer. Over the years I have met others who knew him either as the Chaplain to the theology students at Queen’s University or as a retired officer.  Occassionally I have met people who knew him as an active officer but as his officership began in 1916 those people are fewer.

Whenever I was with Chuck and Ida or with Pat (Marilyn’s sister) or Ron and Marilyn I always felt that they were my connection to those days long ago.

So this week as we gathered in Guelph for Marilyn’s funeral service it was a reminder that in time all those names and faces begin to fade into history.

img_20190530_100147I grabbed a photo of this picture at Marilyn’s funeral – I know I have a better version somewhere (where is somewhere) so I am including this here to make my point. This picture taken around 1980 I believe, has Chuck and Ida sitting to the right of the photo.  Pat is just over Chuck’s shoulder. Marilyn stands behind Pat and next to my parents. Wendy and I are squeezed into the top left corner. The large man sitting is my Uncle Bill. I only met him once on this occassion.

20131209_132209Here is Grandpa Waters, stationed with the troops on Red Shield Service during the war. You might see some resemblance to Uncle Bill. Though my memory was foggy I saw the resemblance the one time we met.

It was a bittersweet moment then to be in Guelph and to share with Stephanie and Matt as well as all the family and friends.

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