Looking over my shoulder


Have you ever walked down the street and looked back over your shoulder to see what’s behind you? Or maybe you have been driving down the road and with mind wandering you glance in the rear view mirror to realize that the road is rolling under you with little awareness of what has been passed.

When I see pictures like this one, and maybe you have the same reaction, I am shocked at how close and yet how far away is the memory. How does our mind capture and store song, conversation, images? Why can I remember the sound of my Grandmother’s voice but unable to recall the name of my grade four teacher?

Fascinating, I think.

The mind is amazing, powerful and fragile. When I smell a mix of oil and gas I am immediately transported to the dock at the cottage. I am suddenly 7 or 8 or 9 years of age and it’s summer and all my memories are positive and pleasant.

That’s what happens when I look over my shoulder.

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