Help I need somebody…

This morning’s chapel was focused on how we help others – it highlighted the communication of William Booth who in his final days sent a communication to be read to a Congress meeting – it simply read “others”.60f02-58-at-a-press-conference-in-a-hard-day-s-night-1964-a-reporter-asks-beatle-ringo-starr-if-he-s-a-mod-or-a-rocker-i-m-a-mocker-ringo-replies_imagelarge

Our very talented Simon put together a wonderful montage of photos, at my request, to the music of The Beatles’ HELP.  I’m not sure who else liked it, though I’ve heard a few people today humming it in the hallways, but I thought it was a catchy idea.  Of course we couldn’t leave off Psalm 121 “where does my help come from? It comes from the maker of heaven and earth”.

Speaking of heaven, I’ve been listening to a number of You Tube videos featuring N.T. Wright. What a tremendous scholar and I’ve been very taken by his teaching on heaven and hell. I will be reading more of his books this year.

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