I’ve been waiting a decade

This is one of those admissions that I’m reluctant to put into writing as it seems silly – in fact it seems sad to think I’ve wanted to go back to school such a long time.

I actually did enroll and begin my upgrading of my educational standard in 2001 and when my Dad suddenly took ill and died in the middle of it, I found myself without the enthusiasm to continue….so I withdrew and thought I would do this later.

For the past ten years I’ve been looking at different programs, considering different schools, and finally after a visit to Kingswood University last year decided that I would seek approval with The Army and the school.

So now I’m accepted and classes begin shortly.  I have two weeks of classes at the end of August and will be doing distance learning for the next 18 months on my way to an M.A. in Pastoral Theology. This is a stretch for me but I’ve got a couple of tutors lined up just in case….and the books are being read on holidays this week.

So here we go….and I keep telling myself …. I must be crazy!

…and so the journey begins.


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