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It’s on the wall

I debated this. That is I mean I wasn’t sure I would put my degree on the wall. I put my Arrow certificate on the wall and I did the same thing…in my head that is. I look at signature lines with people who place their degrees or designations behind their name. I admire them, but I also don’t want to be seen as someone bragging.

Yet these kinds of things are a great deal of work – and expense – and time doing papers and reading and papers and more reading! And being done – having completed is a very satisfying feeling.

At any rate, I did put it on the wall. The truth of the matter is, it is there for me to see more than anyone else. I just feeling good having finished what I started!


Half way

I’m actually just a little more than half way through my MA in Pastoral Theology and really enjoying the learning, though finding the time is a challenge. The current course on The Word and Sacraments is a wonderfully refreshing experience and I think I am more in line with our position than ever. I see in ever increasing measure the wisdom in keeping people’s hearts and minds to the spiritual matters, and while the use of any and every tool possible must be made to underscore this, in the end our coming to see God’s work in our hearts as superior to any ritual or practice is essential.

I will get to write a paper at the end of this outlining my thinking with historical, theological and Biblical support.

As well I have found a wonderful book for preachers as illustrated below. A great tool – very practical – buy one for your corps officers!

Half way

Kingswood University

Last August I started back to school – and was terrified and excited all at the same moment. Well today I submitted my last assignment for the current semester and mark the half way point towards my Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology. I can’t believe it.

This past course was the toughest for me but still interesting and informative. I have to admit I’m learning but then that’s what school is for – right?

So on I go in January to the next course – The Missional Pastor – evangelism and discipleship.