The Art of the prayer meeting

I’ve been down and out for a few days…not only from blog posting but from pretty much everything else.  Montezuma’s revenge visited our house and I have to say my ribs are aching!  Wow that was a tough few hours.

So I’m alive again as I’m use to saying.

This past weekend was our attendance at the Commissioning events around Toronto.  Of note was the Sunday morning service at Scarborough Citadel in which TSA said good-bye to the second year cadets who will now head off to their summer assignments and was the installation of the new Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministry.  Colonel’s Mark and Sharon Tillsley bring with them many years of experience and education and will not doubt make a good contribution to the life of TSA in Canada.

What was of greater interest to me was the inclusion of General Tillsley in the prayer meeting.  For anyone who has never led such a time it will be hard to appreciate the skill of a good leader of an appeal.  You might watch Billy Graham and feel that what he does is easy – just ask people to respond to God’s offer of forgiveness and they’ll come.  The truth is they resist and someone who leads this well and effectively without being manipulative has a real skill.

That’s what I saw Sunday morning.

So God bless those who responded – and God bless and pursue those who didn’t.  Much blessing was all about us.

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