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Every once in a while I look to see what posts of mine get more traction than others and there seems to be a theme, or at least some matters which bear more interest. Much of what I post here is personal. I started this blog in 2004 after moving to Calgary. After being close to our family and especially our parents we found ourselves 4000 km away but wanting to share what was going on in our family. Things like pictures of the children or places we were exploring were difficult in those days to send by email – those were the days of dial-up internet access.

At the same time we were doing camping in our trailer and moving to our hybrid trailer (thus the title). Thus the very personal nature of the blog and maybe it will serve a similar purpose in the days to come as we transition again to the province of Alberta.

So what posts get the traction? The most visited post has to do with the Canadian Keswick Conference Centre, a place I worked for two summers, and found to be a real gem located in the Muskoka’s a region of Ontario just north of Toronto. Those from southern Ontario often refer to this as northern Ontario but that descriptor couldn’t be further from the truth. This is still very much part of southern Ontario. It is dotted with hundreds of beautiful blue lakes which are surrounded by cottages.

The post on towing a vehicle is also interesting as there are many vehicles which can tow the kinds of smaller trailers but often thought of as being inadequate. It does not take a Ford F250 to tow a tent trailer which it seems many do.

Without delay here’s the list:

  1. Keswick
  2. From a hill I know
  3. How Twitter works
  4. Towing with a mini-van
  5. Camping sites
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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Very interesting to read this and I’m always interested in your blog probably will be more so when you return to Alberta

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