He’s 29 today

Twenty nine years ago Wendy and I awaited the surgeon to bring Jason into the world – we weren’t sure Jason was going to be his name until we saw him.  As we were in a small town and the hospital was limited Wendy was put to sleep for the cesarean and I was asked to wait “upstairs”.  Today it seems like we were living in the dark ages…but alas that’s how it was.

When we did get to see him together we agreed Jason was a fitting name and we announced it to our family and friends.  That seems too long ago now – how can that much time have gone by.

Today Jason’s married to Susan and of course they have their own daughter now 18 months old.

We’re very proud of our kids – all four of them – and delight in their emotional, social and spiritual maturity.

We celebrate Jason’s life – his well being – his goals in life and desire to live in a manner pleasing to God.  He is a gifted organizer and demonstrates the ability to discern how to help people well.  Jason is an avid reader and demonstrates an active ability to retain what he reads weaving his learnings into his conversations and into his understanding of his place in this world.

We love and cherish you Jason.

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