Bermuda on the agenda

We’re preparing for Bermuda.  Wow you say – that must be nice.  Well yes it is, but of course it’s not the beach and sunshine we’re going for…though truth be told we are hoping that we get a wee bit of both!  After all who wouldn’t want to if the opportunity arose.

For those of you who wonder why Bermuda there some history here.  The Salvation Army is divided up into Zones – we’re in 125 plus countries (it keeps increasing) and each of those zones, for example “The Americas” has both Territories and Commands.  A command is a smaller jurisdiction that isn’t commanded by a Commissioner – usually a Lt. Colonel or Colonel.  I digress.  Each Territory is then divided up into divisions.  Wendy and I were most recently in the Alberta and Northern Territories Division.

Now we are part of the Canada and Bermuda Territory – so with the British Commonwealth connections our offices also have responsibility for this southern island.  So about 650 miles off the coast of South Carolina we will travel to share with Salvationists in that country.

Wendy and I have been once before but we’re looking forward to this trip to connect with Shawn and Brenda, share in evangelism training and to gather a sense as to how our department can support this small division.

Watch for some photos!

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